Fire Warden Training Canberra – ACT Fire Safety Training

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Fire Warden Training Canberra - ACT Fire Safety Training

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You will be instructed to identify and prevent potential emergencies and fire hazards. Fire warden training in Canberra covers a wide range of topics, some of which are as follows. Firstly,  legislation; causes of fire; fire prevention; fire evacuation procedures; use of fire extinguishers (optional). Furthermore, safety features; emergency procedures; roles and responsibilities; fire assembly; and managing people while they are under pressure.

Is it required by law to have the training to be a fire warden?

Employers must have a plan to safely evacuate all building occupants (guidance can be found in AS3745:2010). The law requires the responsible person (typically the employer, owner, or occupier) to conduct a fire safety risk assessment. 

There are some differences between Australian states. Even so, there is a national model health and safety framework that the states can choose to follow or not. Whatever the case, owner-occupiers and employers have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for employees and other categories of occupants within their facility. Where a person is harmed or dies in a facility, the responsible person may be charged with manslaughter and be subject to a jail term as determined by a court of law (Australia).



Note: It is appropriate to seek legal advice when determining a facility's level of risk and the general management of personal liability.

Implement fire precaution and protection measures, and maintain a fire management plan. Also, this risk-based approach to fire safety is implemented in the community, industrial, and business premises

Who can participate in training to become a fire warden?

This fire warden course is meant to provide delegates with an introduction to identifying and controlling fire risks. It takes place over one day. Firstly, it is appropriate for individuals who are responsible for ensuring the safety of others in the event of a fire or other emergency. Fire warden training in Canberra can mitigate substantial risk within a facility.