Fire Warden Training Mildura – Swan Hill Fire Safety Training

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Fire Warden Training Mildura - Swan Hill Fire Safety Training

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STG Fire Safety Training provides organizations with interactive training that lasts for half a day, allowing them to teach their employees to become Fire Warden Training in Mildura or Swan hill.

We are here to ensure this training is carried out to the highest possible standard. We provide live fire training, instruction on how to use extinguishers, and guidance on all evacuation procedures. In addition, we instruct your staff on skills that will adequately prepare them to deal with fire emergencies. Furthermore, regardless of the level of fire safety knowledge they already possess.

The training will take place during regular business hours, and it will be necessary to take it regularly to comply with the regulations. We provide fully insured training apparatus, and our trained employees will be the ones to operate it.



The extensive program will cover the following topics:

Fire Safety Legislation, Actions to Take in the Event of a Fire, and the Role of the Fire Warden. Also, performing an Analysis of Video Case Studies. Various kinds of fire extinguishers and the proper way to use each one (Fire Ext Only). All delegates will be awarded full national certification upon demonstrating proficiency in the fire safety training course upon its full completion.

Who Will Stand to Gain from Successfully Completing This Course?

Anyone with a specific position as part of your fire safety policy will benefit from taking our fire warden training course. This includes Fire Wardens, Department Heads, Managers, Health & Safety representatives, and Facilities Management.

There should be an adequate number of skilled staff members and accountable personnel to cover any contingencies. These may include conditions such as a high employee turnover rate, varying shift schedules, and other similar factors. Also, essential to provide your employees with ongoing opportunities for training and education to ensure that they are current.

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