Caravan Park Emergency Management – All Checklists



Caravan Park Emergency Management – All Checklists:

Comes in a PDF and Microsoft DOCX format. You will immediately be able to download the doc on payment. It is editable and you can make as many changes as you like. You will be able to download the documents as many times as you like for 365 days. In which time the link will expire.

Checklists included:

  • Bushfire
  • Gas Leak
  • Heatwave
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Storm
  • Caravan Fire
  • Vehicle Accident

Why use a checklist

Using a checklist allows you to get more done and best of all, in a quicker time. during emergencies when your adrenaline is pumping, one of the possible side effects is confusion. A checklist can allow you to gather your thoughts and make a better decision.

Using your brainpower during emergencies will be more efficient and you are likely to delegate much more quickly than if you didn’t have the checklist. We all know pilots use checklists due to the critical nature of the work and subsequent actions. It is no different for an emergency warden, whoo may have many people relying on them to make effective decisions.

Furthermore, a checklist will better allow the responder to set and achieve a response goal.

Preparedness, Response & Recovery.

Many of our checklists have items listed under three categories (preparedness, response and recovery), which are the three principles of emergency management.


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