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You will calculate all associated costs during checkout – before you commit:

Before you process the payment you will have the opportunity to review all cost and either proceed or cancel. You even get to pick the proposed date of the course or another service. If your still unsure please give us a call. Questions: (03) 9005 1767

Location:    Onsite at your location.

Allocated onsite time:  8.0 Hour total.
Teaching Methods:   Theory/Tabletop Scenario/ Practical activity
Outcome:   Certificate of participation.
Equipment required:    Light or heavy vehicle set up for basic bush or grass fire firefighting. (we can provide a light firefighting vehicle at extra cost)

Questions: (03) 9005 1767

Advanced bushfire awareness and survival during the fire danger period

Many employees find themselves travelling through fire prone area’s during the summer to service clients. Furthermore, whether its climate change or some other factor bushfire are becoming more prevalent in Australia.  At STG Fire Safety Training we can help organisations prepare employees for the worst case scenario – being confronted with by a bush or grassfire. You will also receive instruction on business and building protection during bushfires.

  • The advanced bushfire awareness and survival course you will learn about actions and activities that may save your life or at least keep you safe. The information contained in this fire safety course is designed for anyone with an interest, but is designed to help organisations and individuals who find themselves in fire prone areas during the fire danger period.
  • The one thing that is very different from the basic or industrial style courses is that we will actually teach you some fire fighting techniques using light vehicles set up for firefighting. Generally these vehicles are supplied by the organisation. Also, we can supply a light vehicle at additional cost. This course is ideal for organisations that have some bushfire/grassfire response capacity.
  • We also have a look at suitable equipment and resources to help you in a variety of different scenarios. Some being quite in-expense and other resources at the high end which  perform to a good standard even on severe days.

The information we provide not only comes from the archives of the emergency services but from research conducted by many other organisations. We bring it  together in an easy to understand and logical manner.

The course runs for 8 hours and you will receive some helpful resources and access to our unique bushfire portal (set up by STG Fire Safety Training). Due to legal reasons, we don’t provide portal access for the general public as some of the information requires guidance by an emergency management specialist to interpret and fully understand. This guidance is provided on all of our course. There is even a forum for discussing method of bushfire protection with other participants and free online courses within the portal. All provided just for attending the course.

Here are the main details of our bushfire awareness course:

  • A brief history of bushfire in Australia
  • Bushfire behavior and suppression
  • Fire Weather
  • Fire bans and fire danger rating systems
  • Warning systems and sources of emergency information
  • Decision making and problem solving in emergencies
  • Legislation and associated compliance
  • Preparing your business or temporary work site for an approaching bushfire/grassfire
  • Equipment and resources designed for fire fighting and keeping you safe
  • Basic fire fighting and what to expect during a fire (incorporating a practical activity)
  • Safety on the fire ground and when not to conduct initial  firefighting activities (fire danger rating activity)
  • Using equipment and resources to fight a grass or bushfire in the initial stages of the emergency (prior to emergency services arrival) (Includes activity and instruction on how to use equipment (as supplied))
  • Fire prone areas and information for Travelers (this includes a practical activity)
  • Survival techniques for employees, travelers and other workers (this includes an practical activity).
  • Summary of the resources we hand out to participant

If you would like further information on the course please feel fee to contact us at admin@stgtraining.com.au or phone on (03) 9005 1767


 Important notes:

  1. If you participate in this program during the week STG Fire Safety Training is conducting training in a town near you,  there will be no travel costs. Outside these times travel costs may be charged.
  2. All participants will be required to wear work clothing which is generally designed for outside activities. And should includes boots (no runners or thongs). Also, PPE including safety glasses, helmet or cap and gloves are preferred.
  3. We will send through an outline of the days activities once your book in.
  4. A light firefighting vehicle can be provided for the associated activities at extra cost (POA)

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** If you would like to use our venue there will be a small cost on top of the normal fees.

Disclaimer: This course, Advanced Bushfire Awareness (the course) is conducted by qualified trainers who have many years experience in the field of fire fighting and fire management. The course is not accredited or endorsed by the emergency services, the  national training body or other professional. Even so, we provide information that is researched and relevant.  STG Fire Safety Training (STG) takes no responsibility for action taken by anyone  participating in the industrial bushfire awareness course. Furthermore, STG does not endorse any activity which may be undertaken by a participant if confronted by fire. The course and subsequent information is provided in good faith and is designed to help individuals make informed decision when confronted by  a bushfire. Ultimately a decision made during a bushfire by and participant is the responsibility of that participant.  STG takes no responsibility for protection of individuals or their property. 

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