9. Fire Safety – Fire Warden & Fire Extinguisher & Chief Warden


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Part 1 course duration:  4.0 hrs 
Part 2 course duration:  2.5 hrs 
Part 3 course duration:  2.0 hrs 

Start Time: TBA
Teaching Methods:   Theory/Practical
Outcome:  Certificate (nationally accreditation).
Questions: (03) 9005 1767

Part 1: PUAFER005 Operate as part of an emergency control organisation & – Part 2:  PUAFER008 Confine small workplace emergencies – Part 3:

PUAFER006 Lead an emergency control organisation


RTO: 90909Emergency planning and training is the key to effective preparedness, response and recovery for emergency. This combination course will prepare wardens to carry out there role as initial emergency responders and keep other occupants of the facility (business) safe.

Combined, these courses allow wardens to learn about the significance of ©️ understanding the workplace emergency plan and proper use of  emergency resources. It can be problematic if using emergency resources for the first time is during an emergency.

STG Fire Safety Training will help you personally prepare for emergencies. There has been a lot of research done into human behavior during emergencies. As a matter of fact, you can even complete a degree in human behavior. When an emergency occurs the normal human response is fight or flight. As such adrenaline starts to surge through ones body and the result is often confusion.©️

Emergency workers respond to emergencies every day and train hard to improve there skill. Thus, the level of confusion in these workers is minimal because of their experience and confidence in responding to emergencies. It would be unrealistic to expect this level of response from normal employees.©️

So to overcome some of these response issues and build confidence we can conduct training and exercises. ©️ The impact of such training and exercises is generally a safer and more calculated response prior to the emergency service specialist arrive.

Here are some of the lessons you will learn.

PUAFER005 Operate as part of an emergency control organisation

Element (Summary only) Performance Criteria (summary only)
 1. Respond to emergency reports, signals and warnings
  • Identify reports, signals and warnings and take the appropriate action
  • Determine that an emergency situation is taking place and assess the escalation or deescalation of the emergency and take the appropriate action in accordance with workplace procedures
  • Make arrangement to help people that require assistance
  • Attend established workstations and operate in accordance with workplace procedures
  • Wear suitable identification in line with relevant standards and workplace procedures.
 2. Initiate and control initial emergency response
  • Ensure emergency response is initiated and carried out in accordance with the relevant standard and workplace procedures
  • Evacuated areas are checked in accordance workplace procedures©️
  • Results of the evacuation are reported to the relevant person in accordance with workplace procedures
  • People are accounted for after the evacuation and reported to the relevant person
  • Persons that aren’t accounted for are reported to the relevant person or authority
 3. Recognize and anticipate further development of emergencies
  • Use the emergency management plan to guide response and take into account the developing situation
  • Continually assess the further development of the emergency situation and report findings to the relevant people according to workplace procedures
 4.Assist with post initial response
  • Evacuation or alternative action are completed before any post initial response are undertaken©️
  • Post initial response is conducted with guidance of the relevant person and consistent with the workplace emergency plan.

PUAFER008 Confine small workplace emergencies

Elements Performance criteria – note; this criteria is a summary only and not directly from the U of C.
 1. Preparing for emergencies (Preparedness)
  • Potential workplace emergencies and operating in your scope of training using and identifying  the relevant workplace procedures
  • Identifying resources used during emergencies and identifying their locations in the work area
  • Identifying any problems with the serviceability of emergency resources in the workplace. And reporting them in accordance with workplace procedures.
 2. Identify and gain access to the emergency situation
  • Identify and assess risks associated with  the likelihood of effective initial response activities
  • Seek advice about a given emergency situation in relation to workplace emergency procedures©️
  • Where the emergency situation is is deemed unsafe, take appropriate actions in accordance with workplace procedures
 3. Safely contain emergencies where safe to do so.  (within scope of training)
  • Confine an emergency to the immediate area as per workplace procedures
  • Emergency resources are used only with in the individuals scope of training and skill and in accordance with workplace procedures and legislation requirements
  • Use emergency resources to confine the emergency situation and in a manner that will promote and enhance safe work conditions
 4. Use initial response equipment
  • Response equipment is checked to ensure serviceability
  • Selection of appropriate equipment is performed during emergencies
  • Response equipment is used  in accordance with accepted safe practices and training
  • Response equipment is used is coordinated with other actions being taken during the emergency
 5. Report workplace emergency response
  • The emergency situation is document in accordance with workplace procedures
  • The use of response equipment is document and reported as per workplace procedures©️
  • Response equipment is marked or position offline and is reported  to the relevant personnel or authority to determine if replacement or servicing is required.

PUAFER006 Lead an emergency control organisation

Element: Performance CriteriaNote this is only a summary and not directly form the unit of competency.
 1. Prepare for workplace emergencies
  • Identify possible workplace emergency situation
  • Gather detail on emergency situations including their characteristics and gather, assess, analyse and apply according to workplace emergencies
  • Identify typical workplace emergency situations and take action according to workplace emergency plan
 2. Apply command, control and coordination aspects of workplace emergency procedures
  • Initiate and emergency response in line with workplace emergency procedures
  • Considering the type of emergency response command control and coordinate the incident in line with workplace emergency procedures
  • Ensure arrangements are made for the safety of occupants
  • Arrange for the welfare of evacuated people during the emergency response and recovery
  • Ensure that all emergency response activities are performed prior to arranging for post initial response activities
  • Assets are secured appropriately when safe to do so
  • In consultation with emergency services ensure that assessment of activities are identifies and conducted
  • Activate initial recovery operations in line with workplace emergency management plan
 3. Command control and coordinate emergency reports signals and warnings
  • Correctly identify emergency signals reports and warnings and initiate a response
  • Take appropriate action to ensure that emergency stations are attended in line with emergency procedures and relevant standards
  • Emergency situations are assessed in accordance with emergency procedures
  • Command control and coordination is provided in accordance with workplace emergency procedures
 4. Coordinate reports and results of initial emergency response
  • Reports relating to the affects of the incident are received and sought
  • Account for all evacuated people in line with workplace emergency procedures
  • Analysis of the results of the report are determined according to workplace emergency procedures
 5. Conclude the incident
  • Actions are taken to ensure and appropriate all clear is give to appropriate people
  • Information required for the debriefing is provided in a timely manner
  • Reporting is undertaken in accordance with workplace procedures

If you have any questions please email or call (03) 9005 1767.©️

RTO: 90909

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