Business – Level 1 Emergency Management Plan Audit


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You will calculate all associated costs during checkout – before you commit:

Before you process the payment you will have the opportunity to review all cost and either proceed or cancel. You even get to pick the proposed date of the course or another service. If your still unsure please give us a call. Questions: (03) 9005 1767

Location:    Onsite at your location.

Allocated onsite time:  3.0 Hour total.
Outcome: Written Report (details below).

Questions: (03) 9005 1767

Designed for small businesses. Generally with a floor area up to 1500 square metres and/or up-to 25 employees. At STG Fire Safety Training we audit your emergency preparedness for both response and recovery (including. Including the compliance with legislation and appropriate Australian Standards, This may cover areas such as equipment, training, active/passive building design and engineering.

Emergencies happen every day and if one occurs at your location we want you to be prepared. To ultimately keep yourself,  employees and your property safe.  As you are probably aware there is legislation around this which has penalty units associated – fines and consequences can be substantial.

Our audit should give you peace of mind. Ensuring you have at least taken steps to compliance and keeping everyone in you business safe. Including your lifestyle and other matters associated with the business.

Legislative example: Regulation 43 of the Commonwealth Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 (Compliance date 01/01/2019). “43 Duty to prepare, maintain and implement an emergency plan”.

Inclusions during the audit process. 

  1. Onsite and phone discussions relating to your requirements and potential non-compliance.
  2. 2 x  onsite inspections  (2.0 hour and 1.0-hour followup – at separate times)
  3. A written report including:
    • recommendations – including potential engineering solutions
    • an overall executive summary
    • Detailed compliance  and priority list
    • Detailed observations resulting from the inspection

What is not included:

  1. Establishment or updating of an emergency management plan
  2. Project management of alterations to building design (passive/active)
  3. Future compliance inspections


  1. if any of the non-inclusions are required they will be at extra cost
  2. If travelling to your location is great than 40km from the training town/city CBD. We may charge a small travel fee
  3. STG Fire Safety Managers reserve the right to shorted the onsite allocated visit times if all analysis and work is complete

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